December 12, 2018
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I Met This Guy Today

I answered an ad and I found this guy sitting in his yard playing with this really ugly dog. It was a big yard and he was an old guy, so he had a huge amount of work. I started out cleaning his gutters and then I started to prune his trees, one of them hanging over his house. At any rate we had lunch and he started telling me about how he made his money. He showed me this web page, and talked about how it worked. It is not a very difficult thing to do in concept, and once you get things up and running he was doing about all that there was to it. That was because he was really just passing off all of the actual work to Amazon, or at least I assume that it was Amazon. I suppose that it could have been some other big outfit.

The scheme runs like this. You find something that you can sell, then you buy it and you have it shipped to a place called a fulfillment center. That is one of the Amazon facilities where they store consumer goods and then when they get an order they pack it up and ship it to the person who bought it. So your participation is only required for a small part of the enterprise and you really do not physically do much of the work. The trick is obviously that you need to get something that you can sell at a profit. There are a couple of ways to approach that, but the best one is to do a volume business by taking the smallest profit that makes sense on each individual sale. The big difficulty is that you have tons of competition and you could easily get squashed by a bigger shop.


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